Refill Program

Reduce Your Waste, Reuse Your Candle Vessels

Our vessels are designed with a second life in mind. Use them to repot succulents, organize household items like hair ties and scrunchies, makeup, office supplies...the list goes on!

We also offer the option to send in your vessel and have them refilled for 25% off the fragrance of your choice. The refill program only applies to our 12oz  candles purchased from our online store or at pop-up markets.

Candle Refills

Return your cleaned out candle containers to have them refilled with any of our current fragrances. Refills take about 3-4 weeks depending on our production schedule. 

You can ship your containers to our address below. Please include your name, mailing address, email address, candle scent you would like to refill your jar(s) with. We will email you a confirmation once we've received your empty vessel. We will email you an invoice and once it's paid we'll ship them back to you or you can schedule a local pick up.

Le Den Cay Co. 
143 Rollins Ave. 
P.O. Box #2221
Rockville, MD 20847

Thank you for reducing waste and choosing to reuse and refill your empty candle vessels.

For a Candle Refill Pick Up/Drop Off, click this link to schedule a date/time.